I’m a journalist, photo editor, copy editor and co-owner of an e-commerce brand based in Toronto, Canada.


I have 15 years of digital-first experience at Reuters, The Toronto Star and Metro News as a copy, online and photo editor. In the newsroom, I’ve tackled the Olympics, awards shows, natural disasters and global conflict. I’ve written features, gathered string, photos and video from the field, interviewed experts on Instagram Live and spearheaded collaborations with editorial clients such as Apple and MSN.


Now I run Stuntin Goods, an e-commerce business that sells apparel and accessories around the world, with my partner Mike. It’s hands-on from start to finish: design, manufacturing, managing the Shopify store, photography, copywriting, advertising on Meta and Google, crafting email campaigns in Klaviyo, social media, B2B, admin work, shipping and customer service.


I’m here to bridge the gaps between e-commerce, copywriting, visuals and digital publishing — finding the magic in a story or product and selling it. Get in touch!


(Photo: Brian St. Denis)