An Ode To The Cheeseburger Dumpling

Chatelaine, 2023


An Ode To The Cheeseburger Dumpling


This recipe is a nostalgic-but-novel homage to my childhood McDonald’s treats, and to memories of watching my mom’s nimble fingers as they deftly stuffed dumplings at the kitchen table.


I considered the universality of the potsticker and what made it comforting: meaty, fatty and enrobed in pan-fried carbs. Though the taste and execution may differ, it had plenty in common with a Happy Meal. Why limit myself to tradition? So again, I came up with another version of my own.


Thus was born the cheeseburger dumpling, stuffed with ground beef, chopped onion, the high-and-low marriage of aged cheddar and Kraft Singles slices, dijon, mayo and splashes of soy sauce and rice cooking wine in a nod to its origins.


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Team Sets New Mississippi Speed Record

Paddling Magazine, 2023


Team Sets New Mississippi Speed Record


A team of four paddlers has unofficially set a new Guinness World Record for the fastest time to “row the length” of the Mississippi River, voyaging some 2,350 miles from source to sea in 16 days, 20 hours and 16 minutes.


“We’re going down the river, and it was like some demonic influence took over, and my teammates were pumping so hard to get to the end,” Miller recounted on Saturday after a few hours sleep at a hotel in Louisiana. “Of course, I’m worried we’re going to slam into the mile marker zero buoy and ruin everything because they were going too fast.”


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Read about their preparations for the record-setting effort.

Everyone’s a Photographer: Toronto punk and hardcore photography


Between 2004 and 2009, I extensively documented the punk and hardcore music scene in southern Ontario, photographing an average of one show per week. Bands such as Fucked Up, No Warning, Trapped Under Ice, Career Suicide, Cursed, Cancer Bats and Risky Business were frequent subjects — some of these shows were held in my second-floor apartment in Little Italy. In December 2013, I put together a solo exhibition of that work at the Black Cat Artspace in Toronto, and produced a companion full-colour zine of the same name in an edition of 50. Below is a selection of those photographs.


Fucked Up, 2005


86 Mentality, 2004


The First Step, 2005

Olympians go from pandemic training at home to the Tokyo stage


Reuters, 2021


Athletes around the world, forced to improvise their training at home during the pandemic, realize their Olympic dreams in Tokyo.


This was one of my favourite editorial concepts from the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and a great example of knowing the file and playing the long game. I had spent the early months of the pandemic compiling these cute, heartwarming features of athletes training with makeshift equipment or in cramped quarters to prepare for the Olympics, which was delayed by a year. When the Games finally kicked off, I was able to juxtapose the athletes in training with their moments of glory. See the full slideshow.


See the full Twitter thread.

Q&A: Photographing survivors of sexual assault

The Toronto Star, 2013


Photographing survivors of sexual assault: a Q&A with Grace Brown of Project Unbreakable


Grace Brown was a 19-year-old photography student at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan when she began photographing survivors of sexual assault on her blog Project Unbreakable. She now travels around, photographing survivors and giving talks about the project and sexual assault awareness. Recently she was invited to photograph in London, Ont., and Calgary. Though she admits Canadians are “so nice,” the experiences she documented were anything but. “It doesn’t matter where it is — in a small town, big city, on an entirely different continent — it still happens.” This is an edited interview with Brown, who spoke to photo editor Canice Leung by phone from New York.


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Investigating Harvey

Ryerson Review of Journalism, 2008


The fact that Harvey Cashore, senior editor for CBC’s investigative program the fifth estate, has stayed on Airbus for 13 years is unusual in a profession always eager to move onto the next story. It’s also a testament to his reputation as one of the finest investigative journalists in the country.


This feature has received:

  • National Magazine Award, Honourable Mention, Best Student Writer
  • Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Awards, Third Place, Consumer Magazine Article (Investigation & Analysis)


Excerpt available online.

My Secret Toronto: Picking berries

The Toronto Star, 2012


Throughout Toronto, serviceberries and mulberries are available free to those who know where to pick them.

I first ate them when a friend returned from Alberta with a sandwich bag full of the frozen gems. She called them Saskatoon berries. I’d never heard of them.

Out east, they’re known as serviceberries. They look like wild blueberries, plumper, more purple, and have woodsy seeds with an almond-like flavour. A second friend sampled some recently, between bites declaring that they tasted like “blueberries on steroids.”

After that first taste years ago, I went several summers painfully without. Then, a friend tipped me off to a whole patch next to the train tracks, probably planted by some beautiful soul who favoured the native Ontario bushes not for its fruit but for its hardiness. It’s the perfect disguise — no one would think to find them in the middle of a weedy gravel lot.

Inevitably someone will stop to inquire while I’m rooting through the leaves: “You can eat those?”

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A blind teenager, living with vision

A blind teenager, living with vision, 2014

Precious Perez, 16, walks to her high school, takes voice lessons, plays goalball, tweets and follows friends on Facebook – and she has been blind since birth. Reuters photographer Brian Snyder visits her in Chelsea, Massachusetts and reveals a young woman with a confident vision of who she wants to be. Editing by Canice Leung.

Reuters Pictures of the Year

Reuters Pictures of the Year video, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic reshaped our world, the Black Lives Matter movement demanded racial justice and Biden and Trump battled for the American presidency.