An Ode To The Cheeseburger Dumpling

Chatelaine, 2023


An Ode To The Cheeseburger Dumpling


This recipe is a nostalgic-but-novel homage to my childhood McDonald’s treats, and to memories of watching my mom’s nimble fingers as they deftly stuffed dumplings at the kitchen table.


I considered the universality of the potsticker and what made it comforting: meaty, fatty and enrobed in pan-fried carbs. Though the taste and execution may differ, it had plenty in common with a Happy Meal. Why limit myself to tradition? So again, I came up with another version of my own.


Thus was born the cheeseburger dumpling, stuffed with ground beef, chopped onion, the high-and-low marriage of aged cheddar and Kraft Singles slices, dijon, mayo and splashes of soy sauce and rice cooking wine in a nod to its origins.


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